7.1.16 – Hello, today marks another year logged on the planet. I am now officially in my late 30’s and I’m cool with that! The past year was a wild journey of creation and much needed reorganization. Sometimes ya gotta neaten up the shelves before you splash more paint…

I’ve have some great New England gigs coming up this summer. They’re on the calendar and if you’re in the area, please come and rock out! I promise the music will pump and I will be auditioning some new tracks I’ve been working on as well.

In other news, I’m setting up shop in LA this summer!  Super excited to see more of my friends out there and fully explore the area. Whether it’s music or media, there are so many opportunities to collaborate in LA. I’m thinking it should be great.

In regards to Western Mass, this is where I was born and raised and that’s why I came back here 8 years ago from NYC. It was a bold move to leave New York City which has everything a DJ / Producer could ever need, but ultimately I wanted to be closer to my Mom and friends. There wasn’t necessarily a great plan laid out beyond building some music studios in Holyoke but after a couple viral videos we soon began to define our purpose in the area. The Wedge will remain the main headquarters for PorterHouse Media and some of our newer business ventures (www.beatdwellers.com). I’m very proud of what’s been accomplished in Holyoke and happy we can continue to see this city revitalize, and grow.

Much love,





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